Experience Simple Hiring Processes

Track Job Opportunities with Odoo Recruitment App

Sort your vacancies and job applications

Create a job board, publicize job listings and easily track the number of submitted applications. Follow up with every applicant and set up a database of skills and profiles with indexed documents.

Skip outsourcing your recruitment, instead manage everything internally more simply and professionally.

Odoo Recruitment System delivers the best job placement results

Evaluate Channels that Deliver the Best Job Placement Results with Odoo App

Assign a new email address automatically to every job offer to route applications directly to the right one.

Whether applicants reach out to you by email or through an online form, ensure they all are answered in just a click, with the help of templates or personalized emails. Get every data like a resume, personal info and more automatically indexed.

Customise the recruitment Process with Odoo Recruitment software

Customise the Recruitment Process with Odoo App

Define each stage of the interview and interviewers. Take advantage of the kanban view and modify the steps of your recruitment process: pre-qualification, first interview, second interview, negotiation and more. View precise statistics on your recruitment funnel. Utilize reports to compare the performance of postings you published on various external job boards and alter your strategy and recruitment plan quickly depending on the results.

Integrated Documents

Set up your own documents management process.

  • Create job positions and post them.
  • Get the first applications.
  • Discover the filled documents in the Documents module.
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