Improve Productivity with Effective Time Management

Improve Employee Productivity with Odoo Timesheet

Accomplish things as quick as you want

Odoo Timesheet app provides your organization with the ability to effectively manage the time of employees and enhance workforce productivity. At Oodu Implementers, we help you customize and integrate the Odoo Timesheet app with your existing business modules and empower you to handle labour, time, attendance and payroll with high accuracy. Our experts will walk along with you throughout the process and help you implement custom functionalities to get the results right.

Manage Day-to-day Tasks Proactively with Odoo Timesheet

Odoo Timesheet works the way you do through the mobile app, even offline. Whether you run a small business or are a freelancer or someone who needs to manage employees from distant locations, this is your tool to be as flexible as you are. Just sign in and start tracking your time or resources time with any device, from anywhere.

It assists you in every step of your workflow
Managing Tasks, Time-Tracking And Keeping Weekly Timesheets
Be Proactive

Odoo Timesheet comes in handy for professionals who plan their activities at the start of the day. Users can take advantage of the day Planner to allocate time in advance to the tasks of that particular day.

Every second matters

Odoo Timesheet allows individuals to keep track of their work in detail. Users can set up the timer from their desktop with a single click. Just select the task and switch it on.

Easily analyse the employee working with Odoo Timesheet

    Why Oodu Implementers for Odoo Timesheet App

    Oodu Implementers is an Official Odoo partner and offers a variety of Odoo apps to suit your business needs and help perform your business operations efficiently.

    With the installation of Odoo Timesheet, Oodu Implementers enables the end user to record the working time of employees over a project. The Timesheet feature in Odoo can help you easily analyse the employee working report and have a quick overview of time spent by employees on tasks per day or week and track time-based on projects and tasks, check the activities done and keep an eye on their work progressions. While performing the analysis, the end user can learn about billable hours & amounts, unvoiced charges and more.

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