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India is one of the fastest growing major economic countries from the past decade. During the 20th century, companies mostly leaned on individual applications and platforms to improve the efficiency of certain processes like CRM, Accounting software, HRM etc., in their organization. Along with these significant advances, in order to cope with the pace of economic growth companies started to incorporate ERP (Enterprise resource planning) working systems in their business. ERP has become a crucial part in the business despite the size of the business and applicable across several industries. ODOO is known as the best ERP manufacturing software. What makes it best?

“Odoo gives us a great level of flexibility to generate reports and see the insights from almost anywhere.” - Mr. Thiru, Managing Director at Elger Controls India Pvt. Ltd

ODOO can integrate all the departments together, Accounting with CRM, Sales, and Purchase let the team easily create quotations, calculate costs, manage warehouse and generate invoices unlike other applications. Makes it top all in one ERP system. Its unique framework made ODOO popular in the Indian ERP market. Let’s look at the main features that make ODOO valuable for India manufacturing companies.

Economical: As an open source ERP software, It is well- known for its cost effectiveness. ODOO offers two editions: ODOO community edition and ODOO enterprise edition. The community edition provides basic functionalities at free of cost. This creates an opportunity for small businesses and companies that require basic ERP software functions to opt for ODOO. On the other hand, enterprise edition integrates all the departments at best value for money.

Customizable: ODOO ERP program is a modular solution that can be regularly customized for the complex workflow. A stand-alone module can be built without making any changes in the main ERP code. Moreover, the customization can be reversed in the future during updates and transition.

Highly reliable: ODOO is a highly reliable and user friendly framework that makes it unique compared to other ERP applications in the market. The navigations and simple configuration systems structuring, makes it easy for a non- technical person to handle it.

In conclusion, most of the Indian manufacturing companies realized that ERP software is need of the hour and it is crucial to survive in the battle among competitors. With the advancement of technology, the need for automation within the industrial sector is growing rapidly in the modern landscape. Automation imparts an advantage by reducing the human errors while improving the quality and productivity in the work. It's time to fully automate your business processes with ODOO.

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