Customizable Odoo ERP Software App for Pump manufacuring Industry

odoo ERP sotware pump manufactures

How ODOO helps pump manufacturers ?

Manufacturing companies need to respond to new challenges and adjustments as per new trends in the market. Many big and medium-sized firms, especially pump manufactures have a complicated organisational structure and they have both internal and external stakeholders to deal with. So, it’s important for the companies to make sure that there is both the right information and data available. Thus, ODOO Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software has been developed to address this challenge. ODOO application helps commercial areas that are interrelated to each other, such as financing, logistics, sales, development, distribution and others.

In order to standardize their business functions, pump manufacturers prefer Odoo ERP for process manufacturing, which is more versatile and stable compared to most of the market's manufacturing ERP software. The entire work process will be streamlined and the entire business functionalities are standardized. ODOO is widely customizable, modular and all in one Integrated ERP System used for effortless management and productivity for the PUMP Manufacturing Industry.

For the companies which never used any kind of management software, it’s difficult to understand the importance of ODOO ERP software. However, the following points paint a picture for why ERP is important in a pump manufacturing company.

Adaptable:ODOO ERP software provides a modular solution that can be regularly customized for the complex workflow. A stand-alone module can be built without making any changes in the main ERP code. Moreover, the customization can be reversed in the future during updates and transition and the software is scalable with the growth of the business.

Production planning & Resource management: ODOO also handles manufacturing alongside handling the inventory. ERP gives insight into all development processes, In order to maximise capacity, this helps the company to optimize production schedules, equipment and labour. In addition, the Bill of Materials (BOM) and fixed assets are handled by ODOO. Users can build and edit BOMs easily with this application, along with keeping track of all prior changes. Fixed asset management helps users to plan maintenance of equipment in order to minimize unnecessary downtime, increase performance and relationships with the supply chain.

Inventory monitoring: Tracking and controlling their expanding inventory levels is a major challenge for a manufacturing company. Using Bar-coding, RFID tags and serial numbers ODOO keep tabs on the products in the supply chain at every point. Further, it helps to manage different warehouses, including keeping track of inventory levels, which goods are in shipment and which products are ready for customers on the shelf.

In conclusion, implementing ODOO inpump manufacturing business provides better use of inventory method, reduction of manual hours spent on record keeping, material monitoring with correct inspection records,better outcomes from the MIS that help them to prepare the operational forecast (Order handling & Production planning and cost-effective work framework by double handling of data and manual reduction of processes.

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