Secondary sales capturing using Odoo

Secondary  sales  capturing  using  odoo

Secondary sales capturing using Odoo

Secondary Sales distributors deal with suppliers and consumers directly, which requires a huge team to manage the entire process. Because of unexplained loopholes, industries stumble when gathering data from different touch points, such as communicating with distributors, consumers, manufacturers, inventory and transporters. Moreover, a tedious task in a business is to track sales representatives, getting updates on sales and stock details on a regular basis. The manual preparation of these sales and stock reports is possible with manpower but the reports are susceptible to human -errors and this gives business less space for improvement. Now, the introduction of ODOO secondary sale management software in your business will make the entire process, including the communication with retailers, suppliers, inventory and transportation effortless.

The following features make ODOO outstanding software in the market.

Multi-ware house Inventory Management:ODOO is a centralized management software that makes maintaining multiple warehouses and stocks for each warehouse painless. Further, it helps to manage a wide range of product categories. The automated stock pick makes the process hassle-free to identify the product at right time and dispatch. Also, it alerts the concerned person for the low stock indication.

Route Assignment & Tracking:This feature helps to simplify and save time by assigning the unique plan and delegate locality-wise retail delivery routes to the salesman and guarantees precision while live tracking the sales representatives.

Sales order management: ODOO provides unparalleled transparency into all the processes, like, approving, scheduling and delivering which are crucial in a business. Further, ensures that all tasks are performed with maximum efficiency by removing unnecessary actions by automating them. It allows a start-up company to thrive by giving detailed sales and real-time data.

Report analysis: ODOO’s one of the distinguishing characteristics is the review of reports combined with live results. The efficient calculation engine of the ODOO application optimizes real time reports with details and facts that will allow the organization to understand its peculiar situation. Further, the analytical reports for distribution, delivery, selection and stock management are provided by the software.

Invoice management: This software includes the following features such as online invoice creation, Bluetooth mobile printing at the point of the retailer, billing with all taxes, debit and credit corrections, offers and discounts which can be included and invoice copies will be sent by email to the customer. This simplistic invoice processing method is centralized by invoice management and the invoice cash flow is enhanced.

Payment and collection: To maintain a flawless structured approach, a unique interactive transaction and collection module of ODOO aids to incorporate elements such as monitoring payments made during the day, simplifying online payments through mobile apps and extracting outstanding payment data.

Point of sale: ODOO’s Point of Sale module plays a prominent role despite the size of the business. Companies may directly service small groups of clients or a single customer with the support of the Point of Sales module. This will allow the business to target more people and services in its growing business.

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