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Why Odoo is better Than Tally

Now a day’s businesses are shifting from traditional business management to technology-aided solutions. So mostly the small and medium scale business owners are confused, whether Odoo or Tally is better to manage their business. What makes ODOO better than Tally?

Before diving into ODOO vs Tally. Let’s understand about both the software.

Tally is an accounting software which provides advanced features for sales, purchase and inventory management with good accounting and finance. ODOO is an open source ERP which integrates all the departments together, accounts and finance, CRM, HRM, sales, purchase, point of sales, manage warehouse and generate invoices unlike other applications.

Tally is confined to only accounts and finance management. In contrast, ODOO provides all in one solution for the business process. In today’s scenario an organization requires an ERP software to manage the entire business process. ERP is becoming a crucial part in the business despite the size of the business and applicable across several industries, which includes Trading, Manufacturing, E-commerce, etc. It’s obvious that ODOO has an upper hand and there is no place for comparison.

Some businesses which are familiar with Tally may feel discomfort in shifting to ODOO. To make this process smooth, ODOO has over 15000 ready to use modules and its user-friendly framework makes it unique compared to other ERP applications in the market. The navigations and simple configuration systems structuring, makes it easy for a non- technical person to handle it

“ODOO has been created from the perspective of the user experience and making it intuitive, making it simple for users. I notice that the employees really enjoy working with it.” - Frank Vogler, IT and Marketing Manager at SCL Rotterdam.

Another misconception is that ODOO is deployable only for large companies and costly. However, ODOO community edition provides basic functionalities at free of cost and it’s an advantage for small businesses and companies that require basic ERP software functions to opt for ODOO. ODOO is a business intelligence engine which has the potential to navigate through company data in a more organized manner. Moreover, the growth rate is tremendous and there are many other features which make ODOO stand out from other accounting and ERP software in the market.

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