oodu Implementers nominated for 2019 Awards

Announcing the Nominees for the 2019 Odoo Awards!

Every year during Odoo Experience, Odoo take the opportunity to honor and give recognition to starters and partners that have best embodied the Odoo values and spread the Odoo concept globally

It exciting moment when they announce this year's Award Winners at our biggest event of the year!

Every year the Nominees are divided into different groups depending on the region. There are two award categories for the Odoo Partners, Best Starter and Best Partner. This year it is 39 Partner Nominees, plus 6 Contributor Nominees who'll be competing in the categories, Best Translator and Best Contributor.

Partner Nominees will go through criteria such as; turnover and growth (number of user licenses), commitment, mindset, and client retention rate.

We are very delighted that Odoo recognized and nominated us for the year 2019...

Thank you for all our well wishers.